Al and Debra Harris.  Ocean Lakes owners.  Myrtle Beach SC

About Myrtle Beach Rentals Owners

Owners Al and Debra Harris

We both grew up in the upstate of SC and have not ventured far from it. We feel very blessed to be in such a wonderful area. We graduated from Chapman High School and Dorman High School respectively.

Currently we own an automotive repair business in Spartanburg, SC and have for the last 38 years. Our mission for that business, as well as our mission for our beach rental business is very much one and the same; to make sure our customers/guests have the very best experience that we can possibly offer them.

We have two grown daughters that we are extremely proud of and two precious grandsons that are the light of our life. We are both so blessed to have our mothers still with us. Between the two of us we have a large family and that makes for such a grand time when we are all able to be together. After all, family is what is it all about!

Why we chose Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has been a part of our lives forever it seems. We have seen so many changes and such positive growth in this area of our state.

Tent camping came first in Ocean Lakes when our girls were small. That was truly an experience! After a little bit of that, we purchased a pop up camper and our girl's idea of a good vacation was taking the dog and the camper to Ocean Lakes for the week. I have to admit, it was a grand time.

We debated several years before actually deciding to build our first property in Ocean Lakes. It was an adventure. Then shortly after that an opportunity for another property presented itself.

Ocean Lakes is a gated community with security 24/7. This really offers a sense of security. In addition, it is a family owned resort and not part of a larger chain of resorts.

We chose Ocean Lakes because the Jackson family has provided an affordable place where you can escape your day-to-day lifestyle and just enjoy some fun in the sun! This allows us to have a place at the beach that we can enjoy as well as something we can share with our family and friends.

One day, this area will become our permanent home!!!

What makes our location unique

Ocean Lakes is a unique place because everything you need is "under one roof" so to speak. There are so many activities and events to become involved with and you never have to move your car.

This is just a GREAT place for families. I enjoy being part of a gated community where security is 24/7. This is very comforting.